Your buyer's agent

Those selling a home usually call on a real estate agent. But what if you are looking for a home yourself? Usually you end up in a clutter of properties and it is frustrating to start your search.

Fortunately Globe Properties has the right solution for you ! We are the "buyer's agent" and guide you through the entire purchase process. That is why we like to be called a real estate coach.

Finding the perfect dream home is not only a time-consuming process but is also very often an emotional one. After all, you are looking for a new home and that means you are longing for "just a little bit more" than a few walls around you and a roof over your head.

It will be the "home" where you will probably spend a large part of your life and so the choice you make is very important. We, as a real estate coach can help you with this extremely important financial decision.

Your dream home in the country, a cozy little apartment by the sea or a place in the city, maybe even a second home abroad?

By the way, did you know that in many other countries it is very common for potential buyers to be assisted by a real estate coach ? They are right ! The real estate coach looks at the property through a totally different lens than the sales agent.

Thanks to our knowledge of the real estate market and our extensive network, we can even find properties for you that are not yet on the market.

We always start with an initial orientation meeting and listen carefully to all your wishes. We sound out what type of home you are looking for, in what region, what layout of the home you are looking for, in the vicinity of public transport/schools/shops, what your budget is, etc. So we draw up a complete housing profile.

Afterwards we get to work. We search the entire real estate market for properties that may qualify. Then we only visit these properties so that you do not waste time on useless visits. We analyze these properties and when we are 100% convinced that certain properties meet your requirements, we make an appointment with you to visit the selected properties together.

Meanwhile, we have already done a valuation so that you can be sure that you will pay the right price. Many owners overestimate their property and do not always see certain defects.

All necessary documents and certificates such as EPC, electrical inspection, soil certificate, urban planning information, etc. are checked by us.

If there are renovation works to be done, we contact the necessary contractors or architects and ask for offers so that you know exactly what the total picture will cost.

One of the most important parts of our job is of course the price negotiation. We negotiate the price for you. This way you may be able to buy a property that was originally not in your budget! If the house is priced correctly, we will tell you so. A correctly priced property is not for sale for long and it is therefore important to make the right decision.

If necessary, we also put you in contact with financial institutions for mortgage loans.

In short, we guide you through every step of the transaction up to the final signing of the purchase and the execution of the deed at the notary.

Contact us for our very advantageous rates.