Due to successful collaborations with private individuals, Globe Properties is now seeking partnerships with companies that employ expats.

Who are we?

Globe Properties consists of its founder, Marleen Kentane, who originally started the business as a standard real estate agent: Sales & Rentals. As Marleen's daughter, I, Lynn D'hoe, decided to join the business after a few years and specialize in the Relocation of Expats. Having been an expat myself for fourteen months, I know exactly what obstacles expats endure in a new country. Our services therefore ensure that our clients can start their new adventure without any stress.

What are our services?

Globe Properties takes care of everything from A-Z. Besides finding the suitable location (to rent or to buy) we also take care of the administration, arrange the rental contract/sale agreement and collect the keys. Often we handle these matters when the expat is still in his current country. In case the furniture arrives before the clients, we are there to let the movers in. We can also pick up the expatriates at the airport, the train station or temporary residence in Belgium.

However, it does not stop there. If required, we go "the extra mile" for our clients. Globe Properties accompanies the expatriates to the city hall for their registration, as well as for the opening of a bank account or the internet connection. If our clients have children, we look for appropriate (international) schools and offer contacts for language courses or jobs for the partner. Other requirements can be requested as well.

What can we do for your company?

As your company already works with expatriates, or has merged with another organization that employs expatriates, we would like to take the opportunity to establish a partnership.

We are aware that many companies already have an Expat / Relocation Department, or that the HR organizes some expat matters. Nevertheless, we were repeatedly informed by expats that our (extra) services were often not offered by their company. In this case Globe Properties can also be a nice addition to your standard services.

Unlike other, often large relocation companies we are a small company. This makes it possible for us to be very personal and quality oriented. On top of that we make ourselves available 7/7, so we can guarantee a quick response for both your company and your expats. Our task is to save your time and energy, so that the expat can be immediately operational in your company.

We can already present several reviews of expatriates who found our cooperation to be excellent.

Our Partners