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“After a number of years of successful experience in a real estate office, I noticed that many people also have a need for professional guidance in their search for a home. After obtaining my BIV number as a certified real estate agent, I started looking for a suitable training as a purchasing agent, also known as a real estate coach. I have successfully completed this training and today I am 100% committed to this new challenge.

See you soon!"

Marleen Kentane

I mainly work à la carte.

That means that I support you in every facet of house searches.

You are unique and my aim is to help you personally. 

If you need any advice, I am at your service !

"Since I was a child, I went on vacations from European countries to the Middle East. In my last year of Bachelor degree, I decided to study abroad. With the Erasmus Exchange Program I moved to San Sebastian, the North of Spain. I had a wonderful time in this charming city and loved travelling around.

During my Master degree I visited Marrakech, Morocco, two times and was surprised by the fairy-tale-like city. Fascinated by different languages, food, cultures, etc. I decided to make a road trip through the whole country.

My first expat mission became a fact, as I combined this travelling with a first working experience in HR in Casablanca."


My mother, who likes to travel as well, came to visit me in Morocco. We went to explore the city and saw the Hassan II Mosque. It is the largest functioning mosque in Africa and is the 7th largest in the world. Its minaret is the world's second tallest minaret at 210 metres (689 ft).

Due to Covid-19 my adventure was interrupted and after 14months I flew back to Belgium. Like many expats I did not leave my pet behind and took her on the airplane with me. Travelling with a pet requires a lot of organization! In most countries, you need to start months in advance to arrange the documents. If not, the animal can be denied in Belgium. If you decide to take your precious pet with you, let us know and we will inform you.