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"As a passionate real estate agent, I felt I was missing something in just selling and renting homes.

That is why I went looking for more and found my passion, namely assisting buyers in their search for their dream home.

My activity as a house hunter soon expanded to foreign clients and I decided to start a relocation agency as well.

Working every day with different cultures and nationalities combined with interesting real estate makes me a happy person who is always there for her clients."

  • Marleen Kentane - Accredited real estate agent and purchasing agent

"As a former expat, I realize what process newcomers in Belgium go through.

Different languages, a new culture, unfamiliar laws and a different way of working. These are just a few of the many stumbling blocks that make it difficult for an expat.

It takes a lot of time, effort and money to move abroad. Whether you are opening a new business, or coming to work for a company or government, I would be happy to relieve your stress by taking the house hunting out of your hands.

Finally, we offer several additional services."

Be sure to check out what is included in the house hunting package and the additional services that make life easier in Belgium. 

  • Lynn D'hoe - Relocation Consultant

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