Our services


Selling your property without worries and at the best possible price. That is what you want as an owner, isn't it?

Of course we like to visit you first for a (free) valuation and an exploratory meeting. After all, it's not every day you put your house for sale.

We will gladly guide you through the list of documents and certificates you need for the sale of your property.

We will discuss how we can promote your home in the best possible way through targeted marketing, professional photo shoots, tips and advice for styling your home, etc.

We are very flexible in organizing the visits. This is always done in consultation with you as the owner.

You receive an offer or several offers? Fantastic, we help you with the correct handling and do the necessary for the preparation of the sales agreement.

Finally, we accompany you to the notary for the execution of the deed.


Letting out a property is no longer evident these days. Through a professional and efficient screening of candidate tenants, we provide you with the best possible tenant.

Here too, we take care of the entire administration (up to and including the registration of the lease) and, of course, we provide the tours of the premises.

We take care of the rental guarantee, fire insurance and property survey.

Property management

If you don't have the time or inclination to monitor your rental property(s), you can count on us as a steward.

We ensure that annual indexation takes place and, of course, that the rent is paid on time. In case of disputes, we will do the necessary for you. We ask for quotations for repairs, etc.

In short, to unburden you is our mission.