A few reviews of many happy clients

"We used Globe Properties for an incredibly last minute move from London to Gent over the Christmas period.

My wife and I had to find an apartment to live as well as move with a baby and two cats within a three week period.

Marleen and Lynn were so helpful with regard to finding us somewhere to live and organising all of the administration. There is no way we would have been able to do it all without them.

They also brought up some documentation we needed for our cats, which we had missed. Had they not have flagged it to us before hand, we would have had to have put our cats into a long quarantine. So thankfully this was avoided.

I’ve also read a lot of expats on Belgium message boards complain of struggling to find property and being turned down in favour of other applicants. We didn’t have that issue at all. I believe that having people on your team with local knowledge and the ability to communicate properly makes landlords and real estate agents take you more seriously. They are happier to work with you and it makes life easier for them without thinking that they will have to walk you through all of their processes as you have people on your side who know what they’re doing.

So again, couldn’t recommend more! "

Daniel Witney & Kirstin Reddington from UK | Canada

"Marleen and Lynn own a relocation agency and they personally helped me and my family to scout for apartments while we were still back in Canada.

They also helped us to navigate through all the tactical needs around our accommodation (schedule the visits to several flats, getting us to our appointments in time, getting their comments on the properties we visited, setting up the utilities, internet, insurance, bank account).

We were able to find a place and get settled so fast thanks to their services, and it was very convenient especially having a baby."

Oscar Osorio Escobar from Mexico | Canada

"My husband and I were living in Sweden when he got offered a job opportunity in Belgium at very short notice, and we suddenly had to organise our move and set up a new life here with no knowledge of the country. Our main problem was that we needed to rent a home while we were still in Sweden, and the Belgian estate agents I talked to said we had almost zero chance of that due to the way renting works in Belgium, especially during Corona times with restrictions on many activities. We were getting almost desperate when Globe Properties reached out to me through an expat website, and from that moment on everything changed!

I was not sure at first that an expat removal service was for ordinary people like us, but after our first Skype meeting, both my husband and I were absolutely confident that we had come to the right people. Marleen and Lynn talked us through their service packages and got started right away on finding properties for us (and this was in the middle of the Christmas period, too – the timing of our move just couldn’t have been worse!). After a few days and a virtual house viewing, we had signed a rental contract and were ready to move.

Once we arrived in Belgium, Marleen and Lynn assisted us with various appointments to register for residence, utilities, banking, phones etc. We were some of the first expats to live in the small town, so several of the officials needed a bit of help to figure out how to register us as foreigners. There is no way we could have done this on our own, and it was such a relief to have someone there who had done this before and was able to show how it had been handled with their previous clients.

We would whole-heartedly recommend Globe Properties for any removal assistance, even on a small scale such as in our case. Their fees were very reasonable, and both Marleen and Lynn were so engaged and understanding of our situation as expats, and they really went out of their way to make sure we were happy and comfortable with the new arrangements in Belgium and readily jumped in when unforeseen things came up.

In conclusion, peace of mind in a stressful situation is truly invaluable, and we could not be happier with the service provided by Globe Properties. Thanks to them, we could really enjoy and look forward to moving on to a new and exciting opportunity abroad, which was the whole point of going in the first place. Thank you so much for getting our Belgian adventure off to a great start!"

Sofie Hauch and Daniel Winiarczyk from Sweden


We are a family that moved to Brussels from the United States, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and needed to find a house that fit our needs. 

Marleen and Lynn were invaluable in helping us understand the rental house market and process in Belgium. They helped us find the house we decided to rent, and walked us through all of the legal steps as well as the unwritten rules and norms to the process that we would have stumbled over if they were not working with us. 

Marleen and Lynn were always able to make time to help answer our questions and went out of their way to help point us to useful resources about everyday living in Belgium that we still use! 

We would highly recommend Marleen and Lynn for anyone moving to Belgium.”

Matt from USA

"My wife and I made use of Marleen’s and Lynn’s services to find our home in Belgium and we could not be happier. They took everything we asked into consideration when finding our apartment.

They made sure that all the logistics, like the water and electricity, were in place before hand. They also arranged for our furniture to be dropped off before we arrived so that everything was in place since day one.

Marleen and Lynn have gone above and beyond what we expected, and have kept in touch with us after their services were completed which shows a true dedication and passion for the client.

I can’t recommend Marleen and Lynn enough and without them, our move to Belgium would not have happened."

Maritza and Craig Marks from South-Africa

"Hi everyone!

We’re home-grown South Africans and have just moved to Leuven, Belgium. We would like to share our success story and the amazing service provided by Marleen Kentane from Globe Properties.

Though she specialises in finding properties, it has been more of a full emigration service.

She found us the perfect apartment (video calling us from each prospective one), sorted out all the paperwork, made sure we understood how everything works (gas, electricity, etc is very different to South Africa!).

Marleen even called IKEA to clear up a misunderstanding with our delivery, and then stuck around an entire day waiting for the delivery. She fetched us from the airport, joined us in setting up our SIM cards and home Wi-Fi packages, etc, and has reassured us that she’ll be around for any further questions or concerns.

It gave us peace of mind knowing that everything had been considered and we wouldn’t arrive having missed something.

Yes, you could probably get everything done by yourself, but, when emigrating, you have soooo much stress, that having someone familiar in Belgium willing to help is a huge relief. I would really recommend you budget in this service if you are thinking of emigrating.

We could not have done this without you. Thank you, Marleen!"

Gabriella Harris from South-Africa