Your journey has begun

Moving to another country, another culture, another language, changing jobs, a new school for the kids, rebuilding your family’s and your own social life… These are some of the reasons why moving to another country can be very stressful for expatriates. So, it’s very important that they are properly helped by a person who knows the area and the customs well. Marleen and Lynn are your personal advisors.

First things to do:

When you think about moving abroad..

Looking for a house or apartment is one of the first things to do on your list. Whether you are a private individual, company manager or employee having to relocate, Globe Properties efficiently finds the property you’re looking for (to buy or to rent).

Furthermore, Globe Properties provides a professional service for you and your family. We assist with practical and administrative issues, already before you arrive in Belgium.

Let me take care of your relocation to Belgium !

Services & Extra Wishes

Globe Properties offers you a wide range of services. You pay only for the services you need, besides the standard home search package.

What is making us so EXCLUSIVE ?

We go house hunting while the expat is still in the home country. The expat can follow each visit via video call and ask questions directly to the owner or real estate agent. Of course, at the end of the day, we provide feedback on the properties visited.

All administration (candidacy, contract, transfer of utilities, etc.) is also taken care of by us in the meantime.

Finally, the expat can travel to Belgium and focus 100% on work and exploring the new environment. No stress, no problems. The expat receives the key of the new home upon arrival. Pure luxury. No hotel or Airbnb for a couple of weeks necessary.

Our customers come from all corners of the world. We have always received enthusiastic reviews about the way we work. Curious about what else we have to offer? Take a look at our home search package and extra wishes.


Video call with expat :

Search for house / apartment online , in real estate network and on social media

Providing a list of suitable properties to expat

Planning appointments with landlords/real estate agencies to visit the accommodations

Visit + guidance of properties (in case expat is still abroad/in quarantine: videocall during visit).

Administration lease contract + verifying contract is according to Belgian laws

Arranging transfer of all utilities (gas, water and electricity): all documents

Organize appointment expert for incoming survey + review the report together with expat. In case of remarks: sending them to expert

Contact with bank to arrange:

Handover of keys at arrival day 


All our competitors work with packages. Globe Properties is UNIQUE and works à la carte. This means that besides the home search package, expats are free to add and pay only for the services they need. Below you find extra wishes of our clients that are frequently asked.

Before arrival:

Assistance temporary short term (furnished) accommodation:

Day of arrival:

Grocery shopping: Arriving first day and no time to do groceries? Send us a list of needs. 100% guaranteed that you won’t have an empty fridge! Arriving first day and no car yet, but want to do your own groceries? No problem, I can bring you to the supermarket for 1 hour.

!We're the only agency offering this service!

Pick up from airport

Exploring environment (Showing you supermarkets, doctors, hospitals, public transport facilities, shopping areas, banks, pharmacies, …)

Internet / SIM card / TV / WIFI: we pick you up and drive to a provider in your neighborhood. We explain all services and translate in the shop.


Search for schools + guidance (From daycare until University):

Holiday camps/leisure for children:


Changing driving license:

Address registration + ID cards

Find work for partner:

!We are the only agency offering this service!

Belgian traffic rules:

Are you coming from U.S., Africa or Asia? Be aware of differences in traffic rules.

We will drive together in your neighborhood for 30min, explaining most of traffic signs and rules. We show you what to do at benzine stations and how to use the parking meters at the streets.

After driving around, we hand you over a printed up-to-date version of all Belgian traffic rules & traffic signs

Extra assistance:


Providing information about documentation and examinations needed to relocate your pet and being accepted in Belgium

Special care of pets:


Providing contact details of moving companies that ship furniture

Your furniture is arriving before you do? We will have the key of your new home and let the movers in. Same idea for furniture ordered online, for example from Ikea.

Providing information of companies that rent out furniture and equipment

Another wish or need? Let us know and we find a solution together. We are flexible!